Forex Trading – How Huge Profits and Losses Are Made


For most people, the Forex market is a very difficult. Do you think that the market on which the major banks and Finance-dominated societies, and that you have little Chance, secure money as a trader. Although it is true that more than 97% of the Forex market can participate banks, hedge funds and financial corporations, and private traders, which deserve in this 2 trillion dollars per day on the market, and even very good at it. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of people around the world, which makes a lot of money for books that promise to show you a simple way to make millions on Forex very little work. The end result is usually, these people end up losing 50-$100 dollars on the books, you also lose a lot more money on the Forex market. In General, the reason lies in the fact that she is wasting your time on the basics, how to trade on the Forex, and ignore the most important “law” about trading in the Forex market, which is: “you make losing trades”.

This article will hopefully give you an idea of just how Forex-it is, in fact, act as a profit, and, what is more important, than the losses, and how to minimize them. In this article, it is assumed that you already know, what currencies are most commonly traded is the US Dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, British pound, Swiss franc and Australian Dollar


Currencies are always traded in pairs, that is the simultaneous buying of one currency paired with a sale in another pair. For example, if you see that the quotes of the pair USD/AUD how to 1.3342, that means that $1 will be automatically exchanged $1.3342 Australia (there is a reason for the 4 characters after the decimal point, of which I will discuss later in more detail). To sell if the value of this steam rises to 1.3343 (after you have bought “the contract” $100 000 US-to buy us dollars $133 420 Australian dollars), this means that the U.S. Dollar to buy 1 / 100th of a Cent of every Dollar. “So what?” I’ve heard you say? This means that, if you try, the more than 100 US dollars to exchange, you will receive a penny more. Big woop! If you love a $100 000 dollars, so you get another $10, etc. Up to now, nothing really. Small step size 0.0001 is called “PIP”, i.e. for each lot, you will make $10. Keep in mind for later.

Most of the people have can’t be $100 000 US-dollars to trade, but what if I showed you how, you borrowed $100 000, and everything you need to get down to $1000? Read More…


The entire key to Forex trading is the leverage. If you want to trade Forex, Forex Broker in transactions for you, and for every $100 000, the you want to trade, you need to only down $1000 of their own money. This means that your Leverage is 100:1, can control where, what, 100 times more of your own money. Then, if you took the above example: you pay $10 to $1000, which means that 1% of the profit. Not too bad for days actually. The best part of the Forex market is that it can be very changeable, and the couple can move 50-60 Pips per hour. If you have $10 for every point and stood at 50 points, resulting in a profit of $500. If you only put down $1000 of their own money, it is a whopping 50% profit! Wouldn’t it be great a series of transactions, where you 50% on each Trade? If people moved on thinking that trading on Forex is easy. This is because you can’t understand that there is an opposite side to the trade. If you have chosen incorrectly, your couple of, each point costs $10. So, if you choose the wrong direction of the trade, and you lose 50 Pips, it costs $500, and it is a loss of 50% of your original $1000. Again, this kind of actions of the market can happen and happens quite regularly. Can you cope with the loss of 50% of your money in less than an hour? How many trades will lose 50% you can survive? If a couple loses 100 points, which is not difficult Forex trading times, you lost all your money. Your Broker can call you and tell you that to make more money login to your account, or you need to sell anything in order to get your money (not your!) back. This is a Gordon Gekko happened with thousands of want-to all over the world.

At the end of the day, if you have $1000 was a deal, your Broker borrowed $100 000, and you require all of them. When you start losses that you want your $100 000, so that the entire amount of the loss is charged to your account!

When trading with Forex, it is really all very simple, how to earn money. To find if you are entitled to diagrams (in the Internet) and looked for all the upcoming events (like the country, devalue its currency), and to make an informed decision, your chances are very good that you will the profit. However, even if you think that all things point to the movement of the market in a certain direction, the market can (and does) in the opposite direction. If you don’t start in the loss, the best tip to go quickly, because in Forex trading, small losses to very large losses very quickly! Remember, “the law” is about trading on the Forex you do loss trades. As a Trader, losing Trade operates (as opposed to the profit-Trade) – what bee the big dealer separates from.


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